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What to do with your Flowers after the Wedding

After a wonderful day of exchanging vows and celebrating with family, friends, and a few too many glasses of wine, you’re likely more focused on jumping into married life on your honeymoon than what to do with the flowers. But don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Take them apart, leave them for your guests or donate them – these are just a few of the options for those who want to make sure the flowers from their special day give back in memory of your love. We have a few creative suggestions that will help you repurpose these beautiful blooms so they can enjoy their married life guilt-free.

Donate them

Once your nuptials are over and done, you don't have to throw away all that beauty - everyone loves fresh flowers, and with the proper care and attention, you can keep them for a week or two! What’s more rewarding than making someone's day with such delightful blooms? Your local hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living centers would love to put those centerpieces back into circulation.

Use bouquets and centerpieces as gifts

What better way to thank those who supported you on your wedding day than with a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece? The flower girl will surely love it, and so would your bridesmaids. And since flowers are undoubtedly a classic reminder of how special your wedding was, friends and family who receive them will always feel the joy of that special day. So why not share some of the beauty that symbolizes the unity of your union? Passing on simple joys is perhaps one of the greatest gifts anyone could receive.

Preserve your flowers

Bouquet Casting Co is the perfect way to ensure your treasured memories are preserved in a way that honors life's biggest milestones. Their Philadelphia-based atelier offers a unique service of transforming your event flowers into something else entirely - like a shadow box, jewelry, or home décor item that you'll love forever. With their nationwide shipping options, you don't have to worry about missing out on this incredible experience if you're not located in the Philadelphia area. So don't let your beloved florals be forgotten; give Bouquet Casting Co a call and transform your big day blooms into wondrous works of art!

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