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Shop 50+ ways to preserve your bouquet

Bouquet Bundles


Shop a variety of complete keepsake collections perfect for larger bouquets and arrangements

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Shadow Boxes

Framed for you

Your bouquet beautifully displayed

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Bouquet Blocks

Fit All Your Florals

Perfect for larger flowers & presentations to be the centerpiece of your wedding collection

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Floral Jewelry

Studs & buds!

Small and stylish showstoppers

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Gifts For The Whole Bridal Party

Personalized Keepsakes They'll Love

wedding bouquet
Fan Favorite
Faceted Ring Holder
wedding bouquet
Best Seller
Large Floral Letters

Make your wedding extra special with custom gifts delivered right to your door! Surprise your bridesmaids or send personalized gifts after the wedding—we've got you covered.

We're Here to Guide You

Every step of the way

It's your special day, and we know the joy - but also work that goes into making it perfect!

Let us make things easy for you by shipping us all your florals so once everything is done on your wedding day, you can get a personalized collection of keepsakes delivered right back to you. Now that’s something to smile about!

Large Floral Letters

Do I need color restoration?

Your flowers will have gone through the wringer after all that wedding day fun. But no need to worry - Our special airbrushing service turns post-reception petals into blooming works of art, with vibrant colors and a cleaner finish. Let us make your memories even more beautiful.

Woman-owned & operated

When you choose our handmade keepsakes, not only are they one-of-a kind beauties - but have peace of mind knowing that all the materials used meet industry standards for safety.

That's right: VOC free and Food Grade safe!

Eat food off your floral trays!


And we


LOVE flowers.

That's our


promise to you.

What Our Brides Are Saying?


Lauren's Shadow Box

"Angela is AMAZING!

She and her fiancé Jack photographed our wedding so we were able to give her all the flowers we wanted preserved before they left!


When we realized we forgot to give her my husband’s boutonnière, she helped us find a day and time to meet her to drop it off. She was knowledgeable, professional, and completely and perfectly captured my wedding bouquet.


She even made an adorable “J” keychain with some of the florals from my bouquet after I mentioned in passing that I love the idea of having a little piece of our day with me all the time.


If you need your florals preserved, wedding or otherwise, Angela should be your first choice. She is without a doubt the absolute best!"

Wedding bouquet preservation

Our Simple Process To Preserve Your Flowers


We want your blooms to arrive safe and sound, so we'll give you detailed guidance with shipping instructions.


When they get here it's time for us to work our magic - each gorgeous flower will be carefully dried over 2-3 weeks before coming back out into the world! Don't worry though – we won’t leave you in suspense; we'll keep updated every step of the way.


We'll be your guide choosing your designs. Afterwards, the resin process takes a bit of time, but that's what makes it so special! Layer after layer is carefully poured over several weeks to let each one cure before the next. 


Once the pouring process is complete,

approximately 3 days after the last layer has cured,

it's then ready for final touches.


Your preserved floral artwork will be carefully packaged and delivered to you

after 2-3 months of casting

for decades of enjoyment.

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