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Meet The Founder

And the team behind her making all this possible


I am so thrilled you are here!


My name is Angela DeMaio, and I am a floral resin artist based out of Claymont, Delaware near Philadelphia. I accept bouquets from all across the U.S.

I founded Bouquet Casting Co in February of 2022, about a year before marrying my now husband, Jack.

As a wedding photographer myself and working along side Jack at J&A Wedding Photography, I have always loved the idea of holding on to memories through photos, artifacts and videos, but I wanted to go beyond that and re-live my favorite day in a more tangible way. A way that would be everlasting.

I began preserving wedding bouquets, a mix of my passions for gardening and the magical feelings of weddings so you could have your favorite day, forever.


Our Misson

Bouquet Casting Co is committed to transforming once-in-a-lifetime floral arrangements into personalized keepsakes, capturing the essence of wedding celebrations for couples nationwide.

We support local artisans by offering distinctive, stimulating, and gratifying job opportunities.

By fostering connections among industry experts through collaborative ventures, we build a thriving community. Additionally, our focus lies in improving our planet through continuous efforts to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

Our Team

How it Started


Bouquet Casting Co

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bouquet casting co
bouquet casting co
bouquet casting co
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