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Preserve Your Bouquet In A Pressed Frame

Frame Your Favorite Memories.

Scroll & shop pressed bouquet preservations.


Pressed Bouquet Frame

Handmade & locally sourced.

From $450

Shop maple, oak, metal and more handcrafted frames to beautifully house your bouquet. 


From 8x10" all the way up to 16x20", your florals perfectly pressed behind UV-protected acrylic.

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Shop Bundles

Pressed To Impress Bundle

Pressed to perfection.

From $1100

Shop Wood & Metal Frames

Wilt Got You Worried?

Color restore your flowers.


Restore the color of your flowers with our airbrushing service.

Ready to get started?


Preserve your bouquet for a lifetime of daily reminders of the good times.

We're here to answer your questions and discuss your preservation options. 

If your event has passed, time is of the essence to ensure your bouquet arrives as fresh as possible. Book a call and get started today.

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