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Has Your Wedding Already Passed?

It's not too late to preserve your bouquet.

Time is of the essence

Don't worry about wilt if it's only been a day since your wedding, but time is critical.

It's time to celebrate (3)_edited_edited

To ensure your florals reach us in good condition, priority ship them ASAP after the big day.

To get started, book your call and we'll guide you with next steps to preserving your bouquet.

Worried About Shipping?

Packing & shipping your flowers is more a battle against time than any issues that could arise from the shipping process.

The preservation process does an excellent job of masking imperfections in your flowers, and we offer color restoration services to add more vibrancy & color.

Step 1

How It Works

If Your Wedding Has Passed Already:

1. Shop your bouquet preservation to find what suits your style with over 50+ ways to preserve. Add the items to your cart and checkout to secure your order.

No deposit required!

resin preservation
dried flower shadow box

Step 2

Ship Your Flowers

1. Overnight ship us your wedding flowers as soon as possible following our shipping instructions.

If you're local, schedule an appointment to drop-off your bouquet at our shop in Claymont, Delaware.

2. Keep your flowers fresh in the meantime by:

- Keeping them in a cool, dark place

- Keeping the stems in fresh water

- If you can, place your bouquet in the fridge. However, don't let your petals get frosty!

Read our tips on caring for your bouquet here.

Step 3


1. You will be notified via email once our team receives your bouquet.

2. Your wedding florals will be pressed and/or dried within 24 hours of receiving them.

3. After 5 weeks of drying, your preservation will enter the design phase. All in all, the entire handcrafted process takes at least 5 months.

4. Any questions, comments, or concerns about your order in the meantime - Reach out to us via email at

resin keychains

Step 4


The day you've been waiting for is here!

resin earrings

1. Our turn around time varies with demand, but you can expect your preserved keepsakes to arrive within about 5-8 months of arriving at our studio. We appreciate your patience as everything is handcrafted and produced in a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. Enjoy your keepsakes for decades to come! You'll have received care instructions shipped with your order to maintain the vibrancy of your pieces.

3. We love to see your reactions when unboxing your keepsakes, how you style them in your home, and your before-and-after shots!


Tag us @bouquetcastingco on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured.

4. Spread the love! As a growing small business, reviews mean the world to us. If you're satisfied with your order, we'd love to hear about it!

Check out reviews from past clients!

Ready to get started?


Preserve your bouquet for a lifetime of daily reminders of the good times.

We're here to answer your questions and discuss your preservation options. 

If your event has passed, time is of the essence to ensure your bouquet arrives as fresh as possible. Book a call and get started today.

Kind Words

"Bouquet Casting Co was wonderful to work with! After our wedding, we dropped off our flowers at their studio. Angela gave us updates throughout the casting process. Our pieces were shipped directly to us. They are beautiful!"

- Jasmine P.

"I absolutely LOVE how my order turned out! Seller was quick to respond to any of my questions and was great at communicating all the steps that would be taken for my order. My flowers turned out beautifully preserved in their spheres. If you're looking to preserve some flowers then this is the right place!"

- Isela O.


Bouquet Casting Co

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