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Memorialize your loved ones by preserving their final flowers 

Memorial Flower Preservation

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Book your call with us to discuss your preservation options.

Please review our website to familiarize yourself with our process, and prepare your questions ahead of our call.

Funeral Flower Preservation

Whenever someone special in your life passes away, it’s a poignant moment for the family. Bouquet Casting Co understands that the heartfelt moments of your loved one should be honored and preserved forever.


We take extraordinary care to transform flower arrangements into personalized keepsakes – so you can keep their memory alive with something truly unique made from their flowers.


Add photos, trinkets or prayer cards if you choose.

Keep Your Fondest Memories Alive By Following These Easy Steps:

Simply get in touch with us and we'll walk you through express shipping your flowers to our studio, no deposit required.


Express ship your flowers to us using a carrier of your choice


We'll begin preserving your flowers immediately after they arrive at our studio


Shop & choose how you'd like your flowers preserved from the 50+ items in our shop


After final payment, your keepsake will be custom-crafted according to your specifications. Your flowers will be enclosed in your chosen keepsake, protecting them from damage due to humidity, dust and other everyday conditions -- prolonging their life for decades


Finally, your keepsake will be white-glove inspected, packaged and shipped to you after about 5 months to be enjoyed as a special heirloom for decades to come. Each preservation is carefully handcrafted and produced on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Kind Words
memorial flower preservation

"Following the death of my father, my daughter reached out to Bouquet Casting Co to preserve a flower from his funeral. Angela was terrific in working with my daughter to come up with a plan and coordinate the transfer of the the chosen rose. 


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bouquet Casting Co and I would absolutely work with them again. They were so wonderful in working with my daughter and gave her a beautiful piece to honor and remember her grandfather."

- Edward S.

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Funeral Flower Preservation
We'll guide you every step of the way
We understand how important preserving your loved one's memory is.

We'll provide the detailed instructions necessary for safely sending us your flowers, and rest assured - we won't miss a single detail.

With our expertise in flower preservation, we'll guide you with choosing how to preserve your flowers and begin work on your preservation.

After all the hard work and a white glove review, we'll promptly ship your wedding bouquet preservation collection to your doorstep – sure to last as a treasured memento for years and decades ahead.
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