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Give your wedding bouquet a new life.

Wedding memories preserved for a lifetime


We've helped 1500+ brides across the USA preserve their wedding bouquets. Save your fondest memories today.

100% handmade

Materials locally sourced

Woman-owned & operated

Personalized to you


owner of Bouquet Casting Co

In this relationship, we're waiting for you to make the first move!

Once you submit your deposit, we'll save your wedding date.

Get our instructions on how to ship us your bouquet

safely after the big day. Please note we have a $400 minimum which your deposit is credited towards.

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Here's How It Works:

Reserve Your Date

To make sure your wedding bouquet gets the careful attention it deserves, reserve a spot with us by making a $200 deposit.


We'll set aside space and ample resources to preserve your wedding flowers. You'll get our guide to ship your bouquet to our studio after the big day. Please note we have a $400 minimum order which your deposit is credited towards.




Ship Your Florals


After your wedding, use our shipping guide to safely ship your florals to Bouquet Casting Co.


Place your full order with your $200 deposit credit, or schedule a free consultation to find the best fit for your flowers.


Once your flowers reach us, we'll start by disassembling your bouquet. Next, is drying your florals in silica sand for 5 weeks - once your flowers are dried, we will then start designing and casting your flowers.

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Our unique casting process will ensure your florals are preserved, untouched by time. This is a long

process for the best results.


After about 5-8 months since we received your bouquet, we'll give it a white glove review and promptly ship your bouquet preservation collection to you for decades of remembrance.

What Our Newlyweds Say

"I am so happy I have a constant reminder of our beautiful day! I highly recommend these amazing ladies if you are considering getting your wedding flowers preserved!"

Selena T

"Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Angela, Tessa, and Jennifer. The product they created is handcrafted art with a warm touch of love."

Jarrad C

"I’m so happy I preserved my wedding bouquet with bouquet casting co. The process was really easy to ship my flowers and they had so many options."

Brianna S

"Everything turned out so beautiful! If you are looking for something to do with your wedding bouquet, this is the perfect place!"

Baylee B

Take A Peek At Our Process
Here we're placing our bride's dried florals into a square bouquet block mold with a fine layer of resin beneath.
After designing, we'll pour more resin in layers, one after the next, over the course of 5 weeks as each fine layer cures.
Designing another bouquet block full of beautiful blooms in our largest 10x10x3" Square Bouquet Block.
We're creating a resin tray after pressing and drying this bride's flowers for several weeks.
After the last layer of resin has cured, we sand it down and add a top coat.

Are You Thinking What We're Thinking?

Get ready to relax and enjoy the wedded bliss - we'll take care of the hard work while you two lovebirds are off on your honeymoon! 
flower preservation

Jasmine P.


"Bouquet Casting was wonderful to work with! After our wedding, we dropped off our flowers at their studio. Angela gave us updates throughout the casting process. Our pieces were shipped directly to us. They are beautiful!"

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