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How To Pack & Ship Your Bouquet

pressed bouquet frame

Here's what you'll need to ship your bouquet.

One Carboard Box

You’ll need a single box – just a little larger than your actual arrangement of flowers or bouquet.



Packing Material

We recommend either crumpled newspaper or wrapping paper. Please don’t use bubble wrap, plastic bags or plastic products to package your flowers.


Mementos, Photos, Invitations, etc.

Please include any mementos, photos, invitation(s), prayer cards, or other special items you’d like included in your keepsake.


Packing Tape

Ordinary packing tape you’d use to seal and ship any other package.

How To Pack Your Flowers:

1. Keep your bouquet in water until you get ready to ship (**Please ship your flowers within 24 hours of your event).

2. Take a wet paper towel or rag and wrap it around the stems, place the stems in a plastic bag to catch any water, and secure it all with a rubber band - this will keep your flowers hydrated during their journey.

DO NOT wrap flower heads in plastic, only the stems.

3. Do not do anything to the heads - keep them open so they can breathe.

4. Make a nest for your flowers in the bottom of the box with your crumpled newspaper or paper towels.

5. Now, place your flowers in that nest. Fill the box to the top with the remainder of packing paper, making sure you fill the sides of the box with packing material as well to ensure the bouquet doesn’t bump around in the box, causing damage.

6. Please include a note for us in your package with the name your order was placed under, and include any photos, mementos, or additional items you want included in your preservation.

7. Finally, close the box and seal it with your packing tape.

How To Ship Your Flowers:

Overnight ship your bouquet to our studio.


We recommend using the US Post Office as they tend to be the most cost effective for sending flowers in the mail. Sending a bouquet overnight should be anywhere from $30-150 per shipment depending on the weight of your package.


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