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Preserve Your Bouquet In Resin

Protected & memorable.

Resin bouquet preservation for the modern bride.

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Most popular resin bouquet preservations

Resin Floral Preservation

We'll professionally dry your flowers and preserve your bouquet in resin. Choose your centerpiece and consider add-ons to complement your preservation collection.

Preserve your wedding bouquet in resin to save your flowers forever. 

Start small...

Ring Holder

Faceted & functional.


...Or collect them all

Collect Them All Bundle

Get a free ring holder.


Spell it out

Your new initials or last name.

From 6x6x2" to our new XL Letters at 9x9x3", fit your biggest blooms in your new last name.

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Large Letters

Featuring your flowers.

From $200

Resin Bouquet Blocks

Your whole bouquet preserved.

Big, small, & everything in-between. Find the bouquet block built for you.

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Turn Your Bouquet Into Jewelry

Literally wear your bouquet everyday.

Sterling silver studs & buds. Keychains, necklaces, clay jewelry, & more.

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