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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet in Resin

So, the big day went exactly as planned, you and your partner danced through the night surrounded by your closest family and friends… but now what?

Don't let the post-wedding blues creep in too soon - keep those gorgeous bouquets of yours with you just a little bit longer! Believe it or not, there is actually a way to do this that's pretty cool. We’re talking about preserving your wedding flowers in resin. It might sound like a complicated process, but trust us when we tell you it is so worth it: you'll get yourself an original work of art that will last longer than cut blooms ever could. A unique memento of your special day, which can also be gifted or serves as décor for any room - clever and practical!

1. Flowers preserved in resin are durable

Resin is the way to go if you want something sturdy yet beautiful! Its glossy, durable exterior makes it perfect for jewelry, decorations, furniture and more. Whether you’re crafting a necklace or even making a wedding bouquet immortal, this versatile material can withstand the test of time. Did we mention that it’s easy to work with? All it takes is a simple two-part mix of epoxy resin and hardener and you’re ready to tackle all the creative projects your heart desires! So don’t be shy – give resin a try and see what you can craft.

2. Resin art is unique and totally personalized

Preserving wedding bouquets in resin has blown up in popularity over the past couple of years, and it’s time to get on board! Apart from just being a beautiful piece of art perfect for showing off to your guests (as if they needed another reason to be jealous of you newlyweds), it’s now become way more customizable than ever before. You can literally make your bouquet any shape you like- square, hexagon, sphere…you can even transform that bundle of flowers into a letter to spell your name or you and your partner's initials. It’s not only one of the most unique ways to remember your big day, but also makes for one heck of an interesting conversation piece!

3. Preserving your flowers in resin is practical

There’s nothing like having custom keepsakes that remind you of your fondest memories. Whether you’re looking for something practical or artistic, there’s an endless array of options when it comes to decorating with resin keepsakes. Bouquet Casting Co's floral coasters can be prefect for your kitchen table, bookends for your shelves, and wine stoppers for a gift – the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for a really fun project that you get to enjoy daily, try making a ring holder! Showing off your rings in this personalized display will make you smile every time you go to wear them, and your creation is sure to catch your eye from across the room.

The Process of preserving your bouquet in resin

Preserving your bouquet in resin may be a lengthy process, but it is definitely worth the wait! It all begins with drying out the flowers for two to three weeks, which is like giving them just a little bit of extra hibernation. Then comes the fun part - arranging your flowers in the mould and watching how each layer of resin brings your floral arrangement to life. Although it's hard to resist touching your beautiful piece straight away, you'll have to let it dry and cure for another six or eight weeks to ensure that everything holds together. So don't forget to be patient and you'll soon be able to keep your special moment around for years and years.

How to prepare

It's not just marriages that should last a lifetime, but also your wedding bouquet. To help ensure your flowers stay fresh and beautiful, be sure to know what you want to do before the big day. Do you want to use a flower-preserving service or do it yourself? If DIY is more your style, make sure you have all the needed supplies, and don’t forget to practice first! Of course, Bouquet Casting Co should be your first stop for advice! And if there aren't any local businesses that offer flower preservation services, head on over to Google and start researching! So don't let your breathtaking bouquet go to waste - our best advice is to have a plan laid out BEFORE your wedding day.

So what do you think? Will you be preserving your wedding bouquet in resin after your special day?


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