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how to preserve your wedding bouquet

How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

For a lifetime

The Best Way  to Preserve Your Bouquet

wedding bouquet preservation


You deserve something that matches the beauty and sentiment of your special day! Let us help you transform those flowers into a one-of-a-kind memento - to be enjoyed for decades. Your wedding bouquet is an important part of this story, so why not make sure it lives on?

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To Preserve Your Flowers

How Bouquet Casting Co's Process Works

Floral preservation is so much more than an art form - it's a careful and detailed process that extracts moisture from flowers, maintaining their shape and keeping them safe in airtight conditions for years to come. At Bouquet Casting Co, our expert team ensures your flower arrangements last longer without becoming brittle like with other traditional processes!

Getting Started

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Let us help you make your special day a lasting memory!


We offer our preservation services to keep the spirit of your wedding/event alive for years to come. All we need is just a deposit and your florals in order get started on this momentous journey with you - if it's already passed, don't worry; contact us so that we can walk through the steps needed via shipping!


As always, from start till finish-we'll be here every step of the way: ensuring your florals dry perfectly while guiding you towards picking out designs as well as shopping how you'd like your bouquet preserved!

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our Simple Process

To preserve your bouquet in carefully

crafted keepsakes


After you submit your deposit, we'll provide clear guidance on how you can carefully ship your bouquet to our studio after the big day.


We'll lovingly dry each bloom in silica sand until they reach their timeless glory in 2-3 weeks. And don't worry; we'll keep you posted every step of the way!

wedding bouquet


Crafting resin art is a labor of love that requires time, patience, and dedication.


Each beautiful layer must be allowed to cure before commencing the next - an intricate process that takes a few weeks.


Once the pouring process is complete, approximately 3 days after the last layer has cured,

it's then ready for final touches.

ring holder

With care and attention to detail, your bouquet of memories will be lovingly transformed into a lasting piece of art.


In 2-3 months you'll receive the beautifully preserved memento; perfect for sparking joy and nostalgia throughout life's journey!

What Our Brides Say?

wedding ring holder

Alyssa's Ring Holder

"Angela works so hard to make every piece unique and perfect and really capture what people want when they get Angela’s art and resin work."

Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Let's Make This Official

Shipping Your Florals to Our Studio

Prior to your wedding day, we’ll send you an email with floral care recommendations & step-by-step instructions that detail how to safely send your bouquet to our studio.

dried wedding flowers

When it comes to wedding 

bouquets, timing is everything.

Flowers must be dried properly within three days after the event to ensure they’ll reach us in ideal conditions.

You will have to agree to the following:

  • To ship your bouquet no later than (Your selected date)

  • To use express shipping arrangements 

  • To carefully follow the step-by-step instructions detailing how to safely send your bouquet to the Bouquet Casting Co studio.

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No need to worry - even if things don't go as planned, we'll have you covered with our large selection of flowering replacements.


We take pride in preserving your wedding bouquet's beauty exactly how it was meant to be on that special day!


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