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5 Myths About Floral Preservation & Dried Flowers

Although staying on budget is important, every bride should consider preserving her wedding bouquet to cherish for years. Unfortunately, there can be plenty of obstacles preventing brides from getting the information they need - whether it's a fiancé who would rather put the money into a sports car or an uninformed florist.

To combat any myths and misconceptions about floral preservation that may stand in your way, here are some key points you should know.

1. Floral Preservation is too expensive

For wedding couples who have already spent a fortune on their special day, wedding flower preservation does not have to be pricey. Bouquet Casting Co offers preserved floral displays from under $200 and more elaborate displays for up to $400+.

Especially at the higher price range, wedding flower preservation is a major investment that should last for decades when crafted by a reputable company. Furthermore, brides are able to keep with them forever the one thing they physically carried on their wedding day besides their wedding ring - their bouquet!

And if this sounds like an investment worth making, Bouquet Casting Co also offers flexible payment plans and the option of depositing funds first before settling the balance later.

2. Floral Preservation is so old-fashioned

Let's be real - it's so "in" right now!

Brides no longer have to worry about flower arrangements looking outdated or unoriginal; Bouquet Casting Co has something for everyone and offers a modern twist on flower preservation by putting the needs of brides first, allowing for custom displays and unique styles.

So when you preserve your flowers, it's not going to look like some ancient relic you'll find in your grandma's house.

Whether you are planning a traditional or contemporary wedding, our design experts are dedicated to understanding what you are looking for and will work with you to bring your flower dreams to life.

From classic flower showcases to more wild flower combinations, Bouquet Casting Co offers an array of design options so that brides can truly make the preserved floral display their own.

3. Everyone tells me their method of preservation is best. Who should I believe?

Flower pressing is the oldest flower preservation method and likely the one most people are most familiar with. It is still a great way to preserve gorgeous flower arrangements from weddings and other special occasions, however professional flower pressing and framing is essential for the best results.

Flowers become flattened in pressing, allowing for a wonderful watercolor effect when presented as a flat display - something that can totally change their look! Just be conscious that some attached accessories or decorations may not fit behind the glass of a pressed flower display. Whether you press, dry, or freeze your flower displays, it's always rewarding preserving the memories they hold for years to come.

Air-drying is often used as a flower preservation method, where flower bouquets are hung in cool and dry places to allow moisture removal. However, this process leads to the loss of both color and shape of the bloom, which cannot be reversed easily.

To maintain the flower arrangements for extended periods of time, it's suggested to have them sealed within an airtight display such as glass or Plexiglas. This prevents environmental factors like dust, humidity and oils from human hands from negatively impacting the flowers' longevity.

Choosing the best flower preservation process can be a little daunting. There are three most popular methods - silica based dehydration, chemical preservation and freeze-drying - that all keep your flower bouquet in its original 3-dimensional form, just like it looked on the wedding day.

Additionally, flower colors do not significantly change; instead, each flower remains malleable enough for flower designers to work with. Therefore, whatever company you may choose for those perfect flower arrangements can offer the same quality of bloom for you to add that perfect keepsake accent to your home. So take your time and select the one that has exactly what you’re looking for –from designs to prices to customer service and beyond.

4. There is not a floral preservation company in my area so I can’t get my flowers preserved

For brides who have their hearts set on flower preservation, finding somebody capable of doing the job isn't always easy. Floral preservation has grown in popularity, but not all individuals doing this work from home have access to the materials and tools they need to achieve a capable and safe environment for the sentimental flowers.

It's hard work that takes a long time, which is why some florists no longer even offer flower preservation—it takes up too much of their design and time constraints. Fortunately, there are still many professionals who are experts in flower preservation, so it’s best for brides to work with one of them to ensure their flowers last long after the special day.

Brides today no longer need to worry that their flower arrangements will wilt away and be forgotten. Bouquet Casting Co is here to ensure that flowers and the memories they hold can live on forever - no matter where you are located in the United States. Their nationwide service gives a bride all of the information needed to keep her flower arrangements safe in shipping, and once they are transported overnight, the preservation process starts.

With so much to plan for a wedding, it can be easy to forget about preserving the bouquet. Choosing a preservation company should not be taken lightly; it's a decision that deserves time and consideration, just like choosing a wedding dress! Fortunately, there are plenty of questions brides and grooms can ask to make sure they select the right company.

Do they prefer amateur or professional services? Do they want services specialized solely in floral preservation, or one more spread out among all the other wedding-related services? It's also smart to find out how long the company has been in business when it comes to flower preservation - if they've got years of experience, chances are you're in safe hands! In short, remember that finding the perfect floral preservation company is a very personal decision and no one which should be rushed.

5. Will my preserved flowers last and can I hand them down later in life?

Preserving and displaying your wedding flowers can be an economical way to keep memories of your special day alive for years, if done properly. Preserving your wedding bouquet is a delicate art form and entrusting the quality of preservation to the right company matters. Look for a business that keeps their flower arrangements in temperate, dust free and humidity controlled environments for maximum results.

As the bride, you should also take extra precaution when displaying your preserved flowers by keeping them out of direct sunlight and handling them only when absolutely necessary. All companies should provide detailed care instructions upon delivery — following these steps carefully will ensure that you get to enjoy your beautiful wedding flowers at their best, every time!

Without the proper preserving method such as encasing it in an air-tight resin keepsake, the flowers will begin to lose their color and shape over time. Brides shouldn’t miss an opportunity for their investment to last for years! It’s important to find a preservation company that offers multiple display options so that you can select something that best fits your style and is also protective of the bouquet. There are several creative ways you can show off your preservations, so don’t let this special part of your day fade away.

It's a beautiful feeling when a bride is able to look back at her wedding day and share the beauty with her loved ones. With proper care and storage, countless brides have blessed future generations with the memory of their keepsake bouquets. It may be curious to note, though, that over time, their flower display can take on minor alterations. Colors may increasingly appear slightly softer or grayer in hue than on the wedding day itself; however, no matter how much time passes, these flowers should still carry that same sense of overwhelming love and joy which accompanied them on the bride's special event.

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