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4 Tips To Care For Your Wedding Bouquet

On your wedding day, your bouquet will be a source of joy and inspiration as you say your vows and celebrate the start of a new chapter. But did you know that taking a few simple steps can help ensure that it looks just as beautiful for years to come?

Follow these 4 simple tips for preserving your bouquet before sending it off to us:

1. Put someone else in charge of your bouquet

Planning for your wedding day is no small task and can often be quite daunting--it certainly is for most couples. That's why delegating responsibility for the bouquet to someone trustworthy should be top of mind. A reliable friend or family member can ensure that you don't have to add "worrying about the flowers" to your list of things to do.

On the day of, they can make sure the flowers stay fresh and beautiful by always keeping them in a bucket of water. Meanwhile, if you're flying off on your honeymoon right away, you'll need someone to handle sending your gorgeous blooms over to us so we can preserve them for posterity. We recommend that your caregiver pays special attention to steps 3 & 4 in our flower preservation process. That way, you know everything will run smoothly down the line so you can enjoy every last second with your blooms before they become a forever memory.

2. Don't toss your bouquet

Tossing your bouquet should not be taken lightly. Flowers are delicate and can easily break or bruise if not handled properly, which would affect the longevity of your flowers even after they have been preserved. To ensure that your flowers remain in the best condition throughout the night, it is wise to discuss creating a custom toss bouquet with your florist. This smaller and lighter version of the original bouquet will protect the flowers from any potential damage during the ceremony. Additionally, this gives us more options when selecting local blooms for preserving afterwards, making sure you have an even wider selection of beautiful flowers to look back on with fondness.

3. Water your bouquet

Keeping flowers hydrated is a simple way to keep them looking beautiful! Frequent water dips can make all the difference when you are wanting your blooms to look their freshest. When cared for properly, your flowers will retain their vibrancy and bloom size. Make sure to refresh the water every day while they're in your care. If you want to take it a step further, we suggest adding flower food to the water if you’re planning on keeping them around for more than a week - this helps keep the flowers lively and healthy until they’re ready to be shipped or dropped off. With just a bit of effort, your flowers will look stunning and last longer too!

It also works to put your bouquet in the fridge. The cold temperature will help preserve the flowers longer!

4. Follow our shipping instructions

Your special day is important to us and we want to ensure your flowers are perfect! That's why we urge you to follow our flower shipping instructions carefully. After booking with us, we provide detailed care instructions so that you can properly care for your flowers and prepare them for their shipping. We highly encourage you to drop off your flowers in person if you're local to the Philadelphia area as it is the most efficient way of getting them here in pristine condition - just make sure to schedule an appointment first! In any case, be sure that your order is placed online before sending us anything. We look forward to helping you make your special event a beautiful one.

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With the help of these simple tips, you can keep your flowers looking fresh long after your wedding or special event. Plus, you can extend their life by decades by preserving them in keepsakes that'll add value to your life.

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