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How to Preserve Funeral Flowers as Cherished Reminders

Death is a hard fact, clear and unyielding. In its wake, the simplicity of funeral flowers stands against the stark reality.

They are there, brief and beautiful, offering a silent understanding. They mean something – a memory, a support, a gesture. And when everything else becomes memories, the idea of preserving these flowers doesn't have to.

funeral flowers preservation

This piece is about that - the act of holding onto the ephemeral. Funeral flower preservation is not just about techniques; it's about capturing moments. The old ways, like pressing them flat between pages, have their own truth.

The new, like trapping them forever in resin, have their clarity. Each method has its merit, each holding onto that day, that emotion, just a bit longer.

resin preservation

You can turn them into something you see daily: a piece of jewelry, a keepsake, or just a simple framed memory. It's about the essence, the feeling. It’s about holding onto something tangible when so much is lost.

In these words, we dive into the craft, the simple act of preserving these tributes. Each step is a choice to remember, to honor, and to find some solace amidst the enduring weight of loss.

Why preserve funeral flowers?

Preserving funeral flowers goes beyond mere sentimentality. These flowers hold deep meaning and serve as a tangible connection to the past. Here are some reasons why preserving funeral flowers can be a meaningful and comforting practice.

funeral flowers preservation

Firstly, preserved funeral flowers serve as cherished reminders of the people we've lost. They allow us to hold onto the memories and emotions associated with those individuals. By preserving the flowers, we create a physical representation of our love and connection to them.

Secondly, preserving funeral flowers can provide solace during the grieving process. The act of preserving the flowers allows us to channel our emotions into a creative outlet. It offers a sense of purpose and healing, as we transform something transient into something lasting.

Lastly, preserved funeral flowers can become symbols of hope and resilience. They remind us that even in the face of loss, beauty can endure. Displaying these preserved flowers in our homes can serve as a constant reminder of the strength we have within us to overcome life's challenges.

The best techniques for preserving funeral flowers

In the world of sentiment and remembrance, funeral flowers often stand as silent yet eloquent testaments to moments and memories. Preserving them allows us to craft tangible connections to those moments.

While several techniques have evolved over time, let's delve deeper into some of the most cherished methods of preserving these precious blooms.

pressed frame

1. Pressing: The art of pressing flowers harkens back to simpler times, where memories were manually sandwiched between book pages or specialized pressing tools. Here’s how it works:

  • Selection: Choose flowers that are free from moisture. Flat blooms work best.

  • Preparation: Place the flowers between two sheets of parchment or wax paper.

  • Compression: Tuck them within the pages of a heavy book or a flower press, ensuring enough space between multiple flowers.

  • Time: Leave them undisturbed for about 2-3 weeks. The key here is patience. Over time, the flowers will yield a flat, dried version of themselves, which can be used in scrapbooking, framed as artwork, or even embedded in candles.

funeral flowers preservation

2. Resin Preservation: More contemporary but dazzling, resin preservation turns your blooms into ethereal art pieces.

  • Preparation: Begin by drying your flowers. This can be done using silica gel to ensure they retain their vibrant colors.

  • Casting: Mix the resin and hardener as per the manufacturer's instructions. Pour a base layer, gently place your flowers, and then pour the remaining resin.

  • Setting: Allow the resin to cure, which can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week. The finished piece can be crafted into jewelry, paperweights, or decorative displays, each becoming a shimmering capsule of memory.

3. Freeze-drying: A sophisticated technique, freeze-drying retains the flower's original structure and color.

  • Freezing: The flowers are initially frozen to lock in their form and colors.

  • Vacuum Chamber: They are then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the temperature is gradually increased. This causes the frozen water in the flowers to vaporize directly into a gas, bypassing the liquid stage.

  • Final Drying: After vaporization, the flowers undergo a final drying process to ensure all moisture is removed.

memorial shadow box

This process calls for expertise and the right equipment, but the resultant flowers are stunningly lifelike, often used in shadow boxes or memory frames.

Preserving funeral flowers is more than just a method.

It's a journey through time, an art form that bridges the present with cherished memories, allowing us to hold onto the tangible essence of our dearly departed.

Step-by-step guide to preserving funeral flowers

In the stillness that follows loss, funeral flowers stand as quiet reminders. The art of their preservation is simple yet profound.

Here’s how to hold onto those moments, distilled in petals.

memorial flowers

Selecting the Blooms:

Amidst the sea of funeral flowers, it’s the ones brimming with memories and sentiments that matter the most.

Their freshness is paramount. The sooner they're sourced post-ceremony, the better.

1. Preparing for Preservation: Tenderness is vital. Snip the stems neatly and remove any redundant leaves. This process is not about trimming but honoring the integrity of each flower.

2. Through the Pages - Pressing: If you’re veering towards pressing:

  • Placement: Lay each flower between the dense pages of an old book, ensuring none overlap.

  • Compression: Add more weight atop, perhaps with other heavy books or stones.

  • Time: Patience is crucial. They must rest, undisturbed, for several weeks, emerging as delicate, dried memories.

3. Encased in Beauty - Resin: For those leaning to the resin approach:

  • Setting the Stage: Use a mold of your desired shape.

  • The Mix: In an airy space, prepare the resin as per its guidelines.

  • Layering: Pour a foundational resin layer, position the flower, and then overlay with more resin, ensuring the flower is submerged.

  • Curation: Allow ample time for curing, ensuring it solidifies properly.

funeral flower preservation

4. Final Homage: Once immortalized, these flowers await their showcase. Pressed ones find solace in frames, resin-preserved ones become jewelry or keepsakes, and freeze-dried ones can be elegantly placed within shadow boxes. Your choice is guided by personal sentiment.

Funeral flowers, tender and fragile, demand a gentle touch. Their preservation, though layered in steps, is ultimately about capturing memories. When done right, these floral tributes become timeless mementos of moments past.

Maintaining and caring for preserved funeral flowers

When memories are captured within preserved funeral flowers, they whisper stories of days gone by.

However, like all tales, they must be handled with care to ensure their enduring legacy. Here's a detailed guide to keep those silent testaments vibrant:

  • Shielding from the Sun: Like memories that fade when too exposed, the hues of these flowers can wither under direct sunlight. Find them a resting place away from the sun’s glare. If they find a home within frames, opt for UV-resistant glass to shield their delicate colors.

  • The Menace of Moisture: Much like the weight of grief, moisture has a way of distorting the contours of preserved flowers. It can lead to mold, warping their shape and essence. Always store them in places untouched by dampness — avoid bathrooms or basements, where humidity thrives.

  • Dusting – A Gentle Caress: Time might lay a thin veil of dust on these flowers. With the softest of brushes or a hairdryer’s cool embrace, you can lift this layer. Tread lightly, applying neither too much force nor heat, lest the fragile blooms bear the brunt.

  • Touching – A Reverent Gesture: In the instances where you must touch or relocate them, do so with the reverence they deserve. Clean, bare hands or ones sheathed in cotton gloves ensure that no oils or grime tarnish their beauty.

Funeral flowers, preserved though they might be, are delicate repositories of emotions. Treating them with the care they deserve ensures that they continue to echo the sentiments of bygone moments, clear and undiminished.

Alternatives to preserving funeral flowers

The act of remembering isn't constrained to the physical realm of funeral flowers. If preserving them feels too heavy or out of place for you, let's navigate other avenues:

memorial garden

The Memorial Garden: Convert your grief into life. Craft a niche in your yard or any cherished space, where flowers and plants that your loved one adored can bloom. Not just a garden, but a living canvas that reverberates with memories, allowing nature to console you in its embrace.

The Gift of Flowers: Sometimes, letting go brings solace. Gift those funeral flowers to places like hospices, hospitals, or elder homes. It's a two-fold remedy: a balm for others in need of joy and a new chapter for the flowers away from the somberness of a funeral.

Box of Yesterdays: Curate a treasure chest of the past. Assemble photographs capturing stolen moments, handwritten notes echoing their voice, or objects infused with their essence. A box, yes, but also a time capsule of memories.

Echoing Their Legacy: Connect with a cause that resonated with your loved one's heart. Make a donation, ensuring their spirit ripples onward in the world, touching lives and making a difference in a domain they held dear.

Navigating grief is like traversing a labyrinth. Every turn is deeply personal. But as you walk its paths, remember, the essence of remembrance lies not in the act but in the sentiment. Find your way, one that aligns with your heart and brings solace in these trying times.

Professional preservation services for funeral flowers

When the weight of grief lingers, some seek solace in preserving memories through funeral flowers.

And sometimes, doing it right means seeking the hands of a master.

Professional Preservation: There's an art and science to holding onto the past, and there are experts armed with the tools and know-how to encapsulate that fleeting beauty. The spectrum of services they provide range from the age-old tradition of pressing to the avant-garde process of resin encapsulation.

bouquet casting co

Preserve Your Funeral Flowers

w/ Bouquet Casting Co

Freeze-Drying: Delicate as a whisper, this process siphons off moisture, allowing the flower to remain, steadfast in its form and hue. From shadow boxes to the embrace of glass domes, the resulting artifacts are constant visual anchors to moments gone by.

Pressing: It’s as if time stands still. By pressing flowers, either under the persistent weight of books or by using specialized presses, you're left with a flattened, timeless echo of a bloom. These echoes, then, can be transposed into frames, cards, bookmarks - tokens of a rustic and delicate past.

Resin's Modern Touch: For those desiring to cast memories in a new mold, resin preservation stands out. It's like trapping beauty in amber. From pendants that nestle close to the heart to paperweights that catch the eye, encapsulated flowers become enduring art pieces. The clear resin magnifies the minute details, making every petal and color dance anew.

funeral flowers preservation

But entrust this work to those who understand its depth. To professional preservationists, each flower isn't just a bloom; it's a tale, a memory, an echo of someone cherished.

Their expertise ensures that these tokens of remembrance are crafted with the reverence and care they deserve.

Honoring Memories Through Preserved Funeral Flowers

funeral flowers preservation

The act of holding onto funeral flowers is not just about capturing their beauty but also embracing the stories they tell.

Every method, be it the timeless press, the embrace of resin, or the gentle freeze-dry, paints a different portrait of remembrance.

While guidance helps in this journey of preservation, the heart's true task is to keep these blooms vibrant in spirit. If this form of homage doesn't speak to you, other paths of remembrance beckon.

But beyond the tactile, it's the essence that matters. Preserving these flowers is an ode to memories, emotions, and the solace they offer in the echo of a goodbye.

Let them be the ever-present symbols of love, the anchors in moments of sorrow, and the beacons of resilience on the path of healing.


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