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Now that your wedding day is over, there are still a few tasks you need to take care of! Don’t worry though- we've curated a list just for newlyweds like yourselves. These 7 simple steps will help ensure all those special memories and thank-yous don't go overlooked in the postnuptial hustle and bustle. Let's make sure every detail from your big day gets its own moment in the spotlight!

1. Your Dress

Now that the big day is over, you may have a few choices for what to do with your dress. While some might opt to sell or donate theirs after their wedding day, you can also keep it and make sure it’s well taken care of! But we recommend finding an experienced specialist who specializes in wedding dress preservation as soon as possible - standard dry cleaning won't cut it! After all those hugs and kisses (and messes) - there's likely invisible stains before they start damaging the fabric so don't wait too long. By preserving your gown now, future generations will be able to appreciate this beautiful symbol of love forevermore – yay! And you can think about passing your gown down as a family tradition.

2. Your Bouquet

Preserving your bouquet is a wonderful way to cherish the memories of your wedding! Traditional drying and pressing are beautiful, but there's also some more creative options. Turn them into something you can hang around in your home such as paperweights, resin letters or even lockets for wearable keepsakes that will remind you of special moments every day. They make excellent thank-you gifts too - surprise loved ones during the holidays with these thoughtful presents made from flowers just for them.

3. Your Cake

If you're looking to make an unforgettable first anniversary celebration, why not start with a delicious treat? 49% of 2019 brides and grooms have gone the extra mile by ordering up mini replicas of their wedding cake for that milestone event. It's worth noting though - this isn't just any ordinary dessert! Couples are now recreating their wedding cake fresh from scratch instead of using their traditional frozen piece of the cake like in days past – making it all the more special.

4. Thank You Notes

Show your appreciation in style. Even with the convenience of digital communication, handwritten thank you notes remain a staple and timeless way to express gratitude. According to the Emily Post Institute, all wedding gifts should be acknowledged within three months (so don't wait!). When crafting these special messages, why not make it an enjoyable experience? Invite your spouse over for some cozy couple time - pour yourselves a glass of wine and enjoy one another's company while grooving along to mixes from your own wedding celebration.

5. Review your Vendors (Yelp, Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google)

Did you know that your vendors are looking for love? Well, not quite – but a 5-star rating and review on major wedding sites like The Knot or Wedding Wire can mean the world to them! A kind few words of thanks will help show appreciation while also giving future couples an insight into their amazing work. So why wait - make sure these awesome people get all the recognition they deserve by leaving a glowing review today.

6. Order your Wedding Album and Print your Photos

Capturing the special moments of your big day yields so much more than just digital files-- don't forget to print those photos! That way, you can keep them safe and preserved for years down the road. Not only is an external hard drive a great idea, but cloud storage will ensure that there's always another backup too - along with cherished album or two filled with all your beautiful wedding memories. So make sure to get prints in order now – you'll be glad you did later on!

7. Take your Parents out to Dinner

Show your parents how much you appreciate all their love and support by taking them out for a delicious dinner! It's the perfect way to thank them for being there with you every step of the way during wedding planning.


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