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Caring For Your Wedding Bouquet

Show your flowers some love!

Tips for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh Prior to Shipping


Hydrate Your Flowers

Give your bouquet the hydration it deserves! If your flowers are in a bouquet holder made of plastic, fill up that spongy green foam with water. Just hold it under running water for a few seconds and shake off any excess afterwards.

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For hand-tied bouquets, cut about half an inch from the bottom of stems before placing them in tall glass – you only need to add around ½ - 1 inch of water and voila: happily hydrated flowers!


Put Your Bouquet In The Fridge

By refrigerating your flowers before shipping, you're helping to preserve their freshness and beauty.


However, do not put your flowers in the freezer! Freezing the flowers will damage the blooms, possibly making them unable to complete the preservation process.

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Keep Away From Fruits

Don’t store your bouquet near fruits, as they release ethylene gas which can accelerate the wilting process of flowers.

Ready to get your flowers shipped off?

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