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It's never too late!

Recreating Your Bouquet
For Preservation

Have you already been married and missed the
window to preserve your bouquet?

It's not too late - we can still preserve your flowers by recreating your bouquet! Follow our 3 easy steps below to learn more.


Gather a list of the flowers you'd like in your bouquet or send us a few photos of your bouquet where we can clearly see everything


Get in touch with us through the chat or by email to confirm availability and an estimate for your bouquet recreation

- we'll handle it all!


Once all looks good on our end, we'll guide you with next steps to placing your order with us. Your preservation with your recreated bouquet will be underway

Book Your Consultation

Book your call with us to discuss your preservation options.

Please review our website to familiarize yourself with our process, and prepare your questions ahead of our call.

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