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The Simpler Way
To Preserve Your Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Preservation Serving all of USA & Canada


Step by Step

Through each step of our carefully crafted process, we ensure that your flowers are taken care of and preserved beautifully to last a lifetime.







Please Note: We produce each preservation on a first-come-first-serve basis and everything is 100% handcrafted. Our turnaround is about 5 months and we required a $400 minimum order.

Kaitlin O.

"WOW! Bouquet Casting Co goes above & beyond! When I received my preserved flowers back, I was speechless!"

Kelsey N.

"If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I shipped my bouquet to her from CA (proving it doesn't matter where you live to work with this company)."

Brianna S.

"I’m so happy I preserved my wedding bouquet with Bouquet Casting Co. The process was really easy to ship my flowers and they had so many options for different things you can do with the flowers."

Sydney H.

"I love wearing a piece of my bouquet out with me and I get so many compliments. Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong with Bouquet Casting Co!"

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Preserve Your Bouquet, Untouched by Time


10 Woodfield Dr,

Claymont, DE 19703

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Press & Frame Your Bouquet

Supporting Our Local Community Through Collaborative Ventures


Our Misson

Bouquet Casting Co is committed to transforming once-in-a-lifetime floral arrangements into personalized masterpieces, capturing the essence of wedding celebrations for couples nationwide.

We support local artisans by offering distinctive, stimulating, and gratifying job opportunities. By fostering connections among industry experts through collaborative ventures, we build a thriving community. Additionally, our focus lies in improving our planet through continuous efforts to adopt more eco-friendly practices.


Shadow Boxes Handmade For You

Totally Custom From Our Community To Yours

843a3530 - Copy_edited.jpg
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We're a quickly growing

woman-owned and operated team. Every piece is 100% handmade and all of our shadow boxes and frames are locally sourced to support our community.

We LOVE everything flowers and weddings, and putting our two passions together allows us to craft a unique memento for our brides to remember how they felt on their wedding day, forever.


Resin Preservation & So Much More

Shop 50+ Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet


Remember The Good Times Daily


10 Woodfield Dr,

Claymont, DE 19703

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Lauren J.

"Angela is AMAZING! She was knowledgeable, professional, and completely and perfectly captured my wedding bouquet. She even made an adorable “J” keychain with some of the florals from my bouquet after i mentioned in passing that I love the idea of having a little piece of our day with me all the time. If you need your florals preserved, wedding or otherwise, Angela should be your first choice. She is without a doubt the absolute best!"

Brianna S.

"I’m so happy I preserved my wedding bouquet with bouquet casting co. The process was really easy to ship my flowers and they had so many options for different things you can do with the flowers.


I got a tray, ring holder, and coasters! I love that my flowers are preserved forever and they’re both useful and beautiful pieces in my home!"

Lian F.

"I am so incredibly impressed and happy with how my castings came out. It was a lengthy process, but Angela kept in touch with me the entire time, giving me updates as they completed each step. She is incredibly professional. So glad I stumbled upon their website and decided to go with them!"

267784722_1552735425103953_4837031794035258559_n (1)_edited.jpg

Alyssa M.

"Angela works so hard to make every piece unique and perfect and really capture what people want when they get Angela’s art and resin work. She makes beautiful pieces and does a wonderful job and I am very pleased. Absolutely amazing talent ❤️"


Stephanie N.

"Angela did an amazing job with preserving our wedding flowers. The pieces are amazing and I so enjoy having them as a daily reminder of the best days of our life."

Danielle E.

"Angela is the absolute best human inside & out and that massively reflects in her work! Stunningly gorgeous & crystal clear. She has been a huge inspo for me."

Sophia E.

"I love my new coasters! And. I will be using her for my wedding bouquet. Whether you end up supporting this crafter because you know Angela the artist behind, or just a fan of her amazing REAL flower preserving work! You will be joyed every time you look and use the pieces she creates!"

Kayla D.

"BCC was so great to work with. They answered all of my questions before, kept me updated throughout the entire process and made beautiful pieces that mean so much. I could not recommend them enough!"

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Jasmine P.


"Bouquet Casting was wonderful to work with! After our wedding, we dropped off our flowers at their studio. Angela gave us updates throughout the casting process. Our pieces were shipped directly to us. They are beautiful!"

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Brittnay B.