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Hi there, I'm Angela! Gardening and caring for plants has always been an outlet of creativity for me - so much so that my green thumb goes way back to when I was a teen tending my mother's houseplants.


After moving in with my partner Jack, it only grew from there as I started collecting some plants of my own. But what made things even better? Discovering the magic that is resin preservation art. It allows us to enjoy the beauty and shape of natural flowers all year round by drying them out & turning them into compositions we can admire forever.

Angela Burke
J&A Wedding Photography

Working with Jack at J&A Wedding Photography has truly been a transformative experience - not only did I develop another passion for creating tangible memories filled with love and beauty, but it also inspired me to preserve bridal bouquets that will last. Now couples can turn back time to their special day long after the flowers have faded away!

At Bouquet Casting Co, we strive to provide brides with the unique opportunity of keeping their wedding bouquet for decades to come. Our expert team ensures that you will receive personalized attention and flexible choices to preserve your bouquet at every step.


We're a small woman-owned and operated team just south of Philadelphia, PA. Every piece is 100% handmade so couples have complete control over how they preserve those cherished memories from one of life’s most meaningful days – an experience worth celebrating forever.

Nature photography

Meet Angela

Owner of Bouquet Casting Co

Wedding Photography

Kind Words

"Angela is AMAZING! She and her fiancé Jack photographed our wedding so we were able to give her all the flowers we wanted preserved before they left!

When we realized we forgot to give her my husband’s boutonnière, she helped us find a day and time to meet her to drop it off. She was knowledgeable, professional, and completely and perfectly captured my wedding bouquet.

She even made an adorable “J” keychain with some of the florals from my bouquet after I mentioned in passing that I love the idea of having a little piece of our day with me all the time.

If you need your florals preserved, wedding or otherwise, Angela should be your first choice. She is without a doubt the absolute best!"

Lauren's Shadow Box

Wedding bouquet preservation

"Angela is truly the best! She is so easy to work with, and her work is absolutely beautiful! Angela worked with me to help create a custom piece that she didn’t have on her website.


She did not hesitate to be creative and try something new, and it came out PERFECT!!!


She pays attention to the details. Every bride should work with Angela to create this lifetime keepsake!"

Emily's Circular Bouquet Block Tray

Wedding bouquet preservation

"10/10!!!!!!! I don’t even know what I expected for my wedding bouquet preservation but this was a Million times better then what I imagined!!! You won’t be disappointed if you order one!"

Crystal's Floral Tray & Ring Holder

Wedding bouquet preservation

A look into our process


Bouquet Casting Co

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